5 Great Hikes in Spokane, WA: Waterfalls, Mountain Views, and Lakes

Spokane, Washington offers numerous spectacular hikes for all ability levels. Looking to hike in the mountains and look down onto mountain lakes? Stroll along the river and watch the water cascade over the rocks? Walk amongst the trees to discover a hidden waterfall? Creep through rock caves? Check out these 5 great waterfall hikes in Spokane, WA.

1. Liberty Lake Loop Trail

  • Moderate-Difficult
  • Distance: 8.5 miles
  • Waterfall hike in Spokane
  • Cedar Grove
  • Mountain + Lake Views

Liberty Lake Loop Trail is an 8.5-mile loop with a waterfall pit stop and lake views. The trailhead begins and ends at Liberty Lake Regional Park, which requires a $2 fee in season for parking.

This hike is best in the fall, spring, and summer months, as steep sections throughout the walk could be tricky to traverse with ice and snow. Depending on the season and difficulty level you aspire, there are several different ways to hike this trail.

Check out all the details, and side hike options on Alltrails. I hiked to the waterfall uphill and turned around to come back, not completing the loop, about 7 miles roundtrip.

Birds and beavers can be spotted along the trail, pass through a cedar grove and signs that explain the history of the landscape and changes over time, and even take a dip in the lake after your hike.

2. Mirabeau Trail and Spokane River Center

  • Easy-Moderate
  • Distance: 1-2 miles
  • Spokane River
  • Caves + Rock Formations
  • Waterfall

Mirabeau Trail is a hike located in a city park along the Spokane River. As with many hikes, several different side hikes along the trail can add mileage and other views to your experience.

This hike is no exception, with options to stay on a paved trail, stop at a waterfall, hike through caves in the forest, or step from rock to rock along the riverbanks. Here is the same trail our crew took, combining everything the trail offers. Our route in total was about a mile hike, but with stops and exploring, we took all of two hours.

A wonderful thing about this hike, besides its ease of accessibility to town, is the large meadow park at the trail’s end. It is a beautiful spot to lay down a blanket and set up a picnic to enjoy a little lunch in the sun.

3. Palisades Park Waterfall Loop

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate-Difficult
  • Distance: 1-1.5 miles
  • Hidden Waterfall
  • City of Spokane View

This one-mile hike in Palisades Park is a perfect choice on a cloudy day. The trail is located through meadows and trees, so the clouds don’t take away your view. An overcast day can add a little magic, creating a fairly-like world feel among the trees.

Be prepared as this trail is very poorly marked. I used the Alltrails navigate tool on my phone during the entire hike to ensure I was following the right trail (Trail 121). Be sure to have a fully charged phone!

While in Palisades Park, it is worth taking a little extra walk along Rimrock drive. It is accessible by the same parking lot used for Palisade Park Waterfall Loop, so why not check it out?

Rimrock drive is a wide gravel road closed off to vehicle traffic. With panoramic views of the city of Spokane and huge rock formations, it makes for some pretty cool pictures. The airport is nearby, so they fly over quite often if you like watching airplanes and are pretty low.

4. Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside Park

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Distance: ~2 miles
  • Views of the Spokane River
  • Large rock formations
  • Wooden bridge crossing

Bowl and Pitcher Loop Trail is located North West of downtown Spokane in Riverside State Park. The All Trails directions on Google maps lead directly to the trailhead. Offering a relatively level 2-mile well-groomed loop trail, this hike is an excellent option for all ages and skill levels.

The hike starts with an excellent Spokane River crossing through a large wooden bridge. Looking to have a little picnic or sit and watch the water cascade over the rocks? There is a great little waterfront spot down to the right directly after the bridge.

Quick heads up, the trail isn’t very clearly marked. I guessed which path to take when coming upon any split in the trail, always choosing to go towards the river. It is a loop trail, which I love because it offers different scenery on the way back to the car. Here is more info on this hike.

5. Vista House at Mount Spokane

  • Difficulty Level: Super Easy
  • Distance: ~.2 mile
  • Walking in/around Vista House
  • Panoramic Mountain Views
  • Mountain Lake Views

Mount Spokane is one of Washington’s largest state parks, with over 100 miles of forested trails. The road to the very top of Mount Spokane is open to vehicles during the summer months. Park at the Vista House Trailhead, located atop the mountain at 5,800 feet. Walk just a short way to the Vista House, a gorgeous rock structure built in the 1930s.

Enjoy panoramic views of the Spokane Valley, Idaho, and several mountain lakes. Wanting a longer hike or planning to visit in the fall or spring? Try Quartz Mountain. A fabulous 4.5-mile trail that offers just as breathtaking views.

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