About Me

About Me
Wander With Alex

Hi! I’m Alexandrea! I’m a thirty something marketing professional who loves to wander and explore. I’m a Virginia Beach native now living in the small, but charming, Town of Smithfield, Virginia. I am excitedly and recently engaged to my loving and caring fiancé. And on top of wedding planning, we are also searching for our first home in this crazy housing market.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and exploring new places with my Sony a6000. My camera has taken me places I would have never thought of visiting. Once I got the wander bug, there was no turning back!

I’m a coffee addict, tech geek, pluviophile, and a huge lover of sushi. My ultimate travel goal is to take an extended trip to Japan and explore the country (I’m a quarter Japanese).

Let’s Connect

I created this travel blog to document my trips and photography, however, I hope that it also inspires you to get out and wander too! Let’s stay connected! Follow me on IG and sign-up for my e-newsletters (I won’t spam you)!

“The wandering photographer sees the same show that everyone else sees. He, however, stops to watch it.” – Edouard Boubat

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