Crafty Brews & Scrumptious Fare – What’s Cooking in Colorado Springs?

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs, and the Pikes Peak Region offer both breathtaking natural beauty and a vibrant culinary scene. Over the past several years, the region has experienced something of a culinary renaissance, with an explosion of microbreweries and a growing number of internationally inspired restaurants. Whether you’re a beer lover or a foodie, there’s something for everyone to savor in this thriving community.

Beer Aficionados, Rejoice!

One of the standout features of the culinary scene in Colorado Springs is the remarkable growth of microbreweries. These establishments have become a cornerstone of the local culture, attracting beer lovers from near and far. Among the must-visit breweries in the area is Atrevida Beer Company, which prides itself on offering “diversity on tap.” Recently featured on Samantha Brown’s “Places to Love” episode dedicated to Colorado Springs, Atrevida Beer Company offers a unique and varied selection of craft beers that are sure to please any palate.

Another notable brewery in the region is Bristol Brewing Company, situated within the historic Ivywild School. This brewery has not only mastered the craft of brewing but also preserved the heritage of the building, creating a unique and charming atmosphere for visitors to enjoy their handcrafted beers. Cerberus Brewing Company is a dog-friendly brewery that boasts a fantastic outdoor space and serves up delicious bites to complement its brews. Goat Patch Brewing, located in a renovated Lincoln Center school, provides a distinctive experience with its creatively crafted beers. And for those seeking small-batch craft beer and limited releases, Metric Brewing is the place to be. OCC Brewing, a newer addition to the local brewery scene, offers a cozy neighborhood setting in Old Colorado City, complete with a fabulous rooftop patio.

A Flourishing Culinary Scene

While the microbrewery scene has flourished, the culinary landscape of Colorado Springs has also attracted renowned chefs who have made their mark both nationally and locally. Chef Brother Luck, owner of Four by Brother Luck and Folklore, gained a significant following after competing on Bravo’s Top Chef. His culinary expertise and creativity have made his establishments must-visit destinations for food enthusiasts. Another local favorite, Chef Eric Brenner, owner of Red Gravy, secured his place in the culinary spotlight by winning Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games. The culinary talent doesn’t end there, as the region has had the honor of having seven restaurants featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, further solidifying its reputation as a culinary destination.

To celebrate the flourishing culinary scene, the Taste of Pikes Peak festival is held annually in July. This festival provides a platform for local restaurants and chefs to showcase their talents, offering attendees an opportunity to indulge in an array of culinary delights from the region. It’s an event that brings the community together and highlights the diversity and creativity of the local culinary scene.

International Flavors, Rocky Mountain Air

One of the most surprising aspects of the Colorado Springs culinary scene is the vast array of international cuisine available. Despite being the second-largest city in Colorado after Denver, Colorado Springs has pockets of incredible international flavors scattered throughout its expansive landscape. A testament to this cultural diversity is the “Colorado Springs Culinary Passport,” curated by a local influencer. This passport showcases over 50 countries, allowing residents and visitors to embark on a culinary journey without leaving the city.

Among the standout international restaurants in Colorado Springs are Angie’s Latin Food, where you can savor the rich and vibrant flavors of Latin America. Edelweiss offers a taste of Germany with its authentic German dishes, while Little Nepal introduces diners to the vibrant and aromatic world of Indian cuisine. Monse’s Pupuseria brings the flavors of El Salvador to the forefront, offering traditional pupusas bursting with flavor. Nom Nom Thai invites patrons to experience the intricate balance of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors that make Thai cuisine so beloved. And Uchenna offers a delightful journey into the world of Ethiopian cuisine, with its diverse array of aromatic stews and injera bread.

Savor the Flavors in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region have emerged as a culinary destinations, where local breweries and internationally inspired restaurants have carved a niche for themselves. This region is a haven for food and beverage enthusiasts with a vibrant microbrewery scene, nationally recognized chefs, various food festivals, and abundant international flavors. Whether you’re a beer lover, a fan of international cuisine, or a culinary explorer seeking new flavors, Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

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