Guns in Carry-Ons: TSA Addresses Alarming New Trend

Guns in carry-on luggage are strictly prohibited, but it seems to be a growing trend if you’ve watched the news recently. New TSA fines.

Guns in carry-on luggage are strictly prohibited, but it seems to be a growing trend if you’ve watched the news recently. To make matters worse, many of these guns were found to be loaded.

Richmond International Airport confiscated two guns found in carry-on bags this month. One was loaded.

Pittsburgh International faced two occurrences on the same day, while Erie and Harrisonburg also found guns in carry-on luggage.

At Dulles International, a woman was found to have a loaded gun, with a bullet in the chamber, that she “forgot” was in her carry-on.

And at Newark Liberty, a man was arrested for having two disassembled guns, and bullets, in two separate carry-on bags in November.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released a report this month revealing a record-breaking discovery of 6,301 guns in carry-on luggage this year. Eighty-eight percent of those guns were loaded.

TSA Increases Fines to $15K For Guns Found At Security Checkpoints

If light of the increase in guns found at security checkpoints, the TSA has increased the maximum fine per violation to $14,950. Although, lesser amounts can be assessed depending on individual circumstances.

It is also possible that you will lose your TSA PreCheck privileges or even be arrested.

Officials point out that airport safety is paramount, and this measure should help to deter those who defy airport security measures.

Some have expressed concern about this action, fearing that those caught in such violations could be subject to excessive punishment, especially in cases of honest mistake or miscommunication.

However, airport officials maintain that this new enforcement measure should act as an effective deterrent and help to protect travelers from potentially dangerous situations.

Airport Gun Policies Differ, But No Airport Allows Guns in Carry-Ons

Many airports have implemented no-carry policies, prohibiting firearms, ammunition, and firearm parts from entering an airport unless locked in a hard-sided case as checked luggage.

Additionally, there have been recent efforts by many airports to implement carry restrictions limiting what kind of firearms can be transported to minimize confrontation scenarios.

Regulations vary from airport to airport as each makes its own decisions about what is allowed and what is not. Pressure remains to create more defined regulations for how firearms can travel through airports in order to increase the level of security.

Know The Laws Before Heading to the Airport

Authorities are increasingly coming down hard on those caught trying to bring guns through security at airports. It goes without saying that such violations must not be taken lightly — both due to the threat they pose to public safety and the high risk of significant legal consequences.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings or mishaps, travelers should make themselves aware of local laws and regulations regarding gun transport before heading to the airport.

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Guns in Carry-Ons: TSA Addresses Alarming New Trend
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