Why Do We Love to Travel?

10 Reasons Why People Love to Travel

We Travel to Experience

we travel to experience

We Travel to Eat

we travel to eat

We Travel to Meet Others

we travel to meet people

We Travel to Bond

We Travel to Bond

We Travel to Explore

we travel to explore

We Travel to Relax

we travel to relax

We Travel to Escape

We Travel to Escape

We Travel to Learn

We travel for culture

We Travel to Teach

we travel to learn

We Travel to ...

we travel to find ourselves
Why Do We Love to Travel?
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Why Do We Love to Travel?


  • Absolutely love this article. It is a good reminder of why I love to travel.

  • I loved reading the article because I could relate to each and every point there.

  • This was such an interesting read! I've never really thought about this question but I can totally agree with your answers written here. To explore, try different food and meet other people are definitely the main three reasons for me :)

  • I absolutely love this article. You definitely could continue to expand it with new mini stories. I would have added that I travel to meet animals. Some of my best memories are the stray cats I met on trips in Europe or volunteering at an animal shelter in Holbox, Mexico. Great job! Your Pico quote at end was super.

  • Experience and bond...those are my huge reasons. Our family has such a great time and builds great memories when we travel!

  • Great Post! I would definitely say "All Of The Above!" Travel offers so many rewarding and memorable experiences that last a lifetime! :)

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