Real Travel Insurance Stories

Travel Insurance? 4 Stories That May Help You Decide.

A Medical Emergency

Cartagena, Columbia

Broken Gadgets


A Cancelled Trip


Stolen Luggage

Real Travel Insurance Stories
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Real Travel Insurance Stories


  • Real life examples of how travel insurance has made a significant difference is helpful when deciding if and when to purchase travel insurance. Thanks for sharing these pertinent ways travel insurance has been used. I submitted a claim for a stolen camera and it was paid right away.

  • Oh my goodness that is SO scary! It's so good you had insurance. Even without scary events though, It's always better to have insurance and not need it than not have it and need it!

  • Love this post idea. I think most of us think, "That will never happen to me," and most of the time it won't, but there's that off chance that something goes wrong that we would be so grateful for the security of travel insurance.

  • While it's not fun to read these stories of awful things happening, it's a good reminder of why insurance is vital when you travel. Better safe than sorry

  • Wow, a lot of things that I didn't consider before.. Thank you so much for sharing, great post!

  • Great eye-opener. A must when traveling.

  • Nina Clapperton

    Travel insurance is a MUST! I've gotten sick abroad so many times, and had to get scans for injuries. That would have bankrupted me without my insurance.

  • What an eye opener! Too often we forget to be practical about traveling, we get caught up in the glamour and excitement and forget to be responsible. And travel insurance is usually pretty cheap.

  • Travel and medical insurance is vital when travelling and your unfortunate experiences have highlighted why. A great article albeit not pleasant experiences.

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