Adventure Vacations: Experience the World Like Never Before

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More and more people are ditching expensive resort vacations and opting for the excitement and thrill of adventure travel.

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The options are endless, from hiking and horseback riding to scuba diving and rock climbing. Adventure tourism is booming!

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Small group travel companies, like G Adventures, are perfect for exploring the great outdoors. Here are some of the best soft and hard adventure ideas for your next adventurous vacation.

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Soft Adventure Travel

Grand Teton National Park Offers soft adventure experiences for individuals and families of all ages and skill levels. It has some of the most scenic drives and over 250 miles of hiking trails.

Aurora Borealis There’s nothing quite as magical as seeing the sky light up in vibrant greens, blues, and purples. Viewing the Aurora Borealis should be on everyone’s adventure bucket list.

Adventurous Vacations to See Natural Wonders

Soft Adventure Vacations for Water Activities

For those of you who love a good beach day but sometimes get bored simply sunbathing, some great adventurous vacations involve all the time on the water.

Hawaii is a mecca for adventure. From vibrant rainforest hikes to swimming with sharks, it’s a great adventure vacation destination.

Hawaii (Cage-diving with Sharks) 

Hang Gliding in Switzerland Many tour guides in Interlaken will allow you to experience flying over some of the most beautiful landscapes.

Hard Adventure Travel

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Photo Credit: Diana.mironenko/DepositPhotos