Escape to Paradise: 5 Affordable Tropical Family Getaway

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Beach vacations are the most popular vacation style for U.S. travelers, with over 57% of travelers preferring a beach vacation over any other type of vacation. 

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However, you don't have to travel far or even spend a lot of money to have your own warm-weather getaway. In fact, a cheap tropical vacation perfect for the whole family might be closer to home than you think. 

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Whether your dream tropical getaway includes a beachfront resort vacation with a kids' club or an off-the-beaten-path adventure, these close-to-home destinations offer what you're looking for and much more.

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Home to lush tropical jungle, Mayan ruins, white-sand islets, and the second-largest reef in the entire world, Belize will surprise you with just how much it has to offer - all packed into a tiny country the size of Massachusetts.



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Whether you'd prefer to explore vibrant and culturally-rich cities in Colombia like Medellin and Bogotá or a beachy getaway on the Caribbean coast, you'll have plenty to choose from in Colombia.



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You can't visit Cuba without experiencing its world-famous white sand beaches. The beach resort town of Varadero is just two hours east of Havana and is the perfect choice for most travelers to Cuba.



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With frequent direct flights from cities across the United States, Puerto Rico makes for a hassle-free and often relatively cheap tropical vacation perfect for families.

Puerto Rico


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Just a short flight from the U.S., Nicaragua boasts beautiful colonial cities like León and Granada, stunning beaches on both its Caribbean and Pacific coasts, and soaring volcanoes.



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