8 African Safari Experiences for Your Next Adventure

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Long a bucket-list travel experience, a safari is a must for wildlife enthusiasts and those looking for a  one-of-a-kind adventure.

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But where should you begin with countless safari parks, lodges, and one-of-a-kind animal experiences to choose from when planning a safari?

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While the best safari destinations in Africa offer different experiences with exquisite wildlife and stunning scenery, these are the most impressive African safari experiences worth considering for your trip.

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Spot The Big Five of Africa

Seeing the African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, lion, and black rhinoceros on a safari is undoubtedly an experience to write home about.


National parks enable visitors to explore the unfenced areas themselves, offering an unparalleled opportunity to shape their safari experience.

Take a Self-driving Safari in Kruger National Park


Witness The Great Wildebeest Migration

The scale of the movement is truly unprecedented, with herds during the height of the migration sometimes stretching on for up to twenty-five miles through the plains.


Victoria Falls is neither the tallest nor widest waterfall in the world, but its combined width and height earn it the title of the world’s largest waterfall.

 Feel The Mist at Victoria Falls


Home to stunning white salt pans with haunting dead trees and surrounded by towering red dunes, this unique destination is unlike any you’ll see around the world.

See The Sossusvlei  Sand Dunes


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Photo: muha04/DepositPhotos