Best Snorkeling in the Caribbean


Bay of Pigs, Cuba

Don’t expect picture-perfect white-sand beaches in the Bay of Pigs. Still, the protected, rocky shorelines and cove beaches of the Bay of Pigs make this a great destination for snorkeling.

After a short swim from the shore, you’ll find everything from angelfish and parrotfish to reef sharks, sea urchins, and starfish thriving among various coral species.

Little Bay Beach, St. Maarten



Tent Bay, Saba

This off-the-beaten-path island is home to some of the Caribbean’s best snorkeling and diving destinations, hidden along the sloping sides of the volcanic cone below the waves.


Sitting upright in just 15 feet of crystal-clear water, Curaçao’s Tugboat Wreck is a shipwreck that even beginners can enjoy, making it among the most unique and unforgettable destinations.

Tugboat Wreck, Curaçao


An abundance of corals and tropical fish make for memorable underwater vistas, while easy access to the Barrier Reef in the North Sound makes for multi-destination snorkeling excursions sure to thrill.

Coral Gardens, Grand Cayman


Hunt for everything from sea turtles and octopuses to sea horses and parrotfish among the reef’s array of corals, sea sponges, and marine ecosystems.

Champagne Reef, Dominica

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