Explore the World: Travel Blogs For Every Kind of Wanderlust

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Through vivid storytelling, stunning photography, and informative guides, these blogs transport their audience to breathtaking destinations, showcasing the beauty and diversity of our planet.  

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From off-the-beaten-path adventures to luxurious escapes, the best travel blogs provide valuable insights, insider tips, and firsthand accounts that inspire and empower readers to embark on their own unforgettable adventures.  

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Whether exploring hidden gems, trying local cuisine, or engaging in cultural experiences, these blogs offer a wealth of information, practical advice, and personal anecdotes that fuel wanderlust and help travelers confidently plan their trips.

Alexandrea Sumuel, provides destination research and experiences to help you maximize your hard-earned vacation time. Alex has a full-time career with limited vacation time, so she understands the struggle. Alex travels to experience, eat, explore, and, on occasion, escape!

Wander With Alex (Vacation Planning)


Anna runs the travel blog Stuck On The Go, focusing on traveling the US, outdoor adventure, and food & drink hotspots. She is a full-time travel blogger and photographer based in North Carolina.

Stuck on the Go (U.S. Travel)


After nearly 30 years of working in the corporate world, Scott and Julie decided to go into semi-retirement as travel bloggers. On their travel blog, you’ll find extensive information on U.S. travel, including everything from national parks to Disney.

Miles With McConkey (U.S. National Parks)


Mikkel and Dan Woodruff are a husband and wife team of the travel blog Sometimes Sailing. They love small-format cruises, small experiences, and hidden gems on large ships that make an ocean cruise extra special.

Sometimes Sailing (Cruise Vacations)


Laura is the co-founder of A Piece of Travel, a blog encouraging self-guided travel, including for wheelchair users. She’s spent most of her adult life abroad, starting with a 3-year Peace Corps service in Panama.

A Piece of Travel (Accessible Travel)


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