Texas’ Untamed Beauty: Big Bend National Park

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In the southwestern corner of Texas, you will find the rugged, untamed, remote Big Bend National Park! 

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This National Park, chiseled out of the jagged Chisos Mountains range, which rises abruptly from the Chihuahuan Desert, is an outdoor enthusiast’s sanctuary, full of exhilarating hikes, secluded camping, and other outdoor adventures!  

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The Window Trail is a favorite due to its namesake natural “window” formation at the termination of this trail. Not only that, but this trail mesmerizes visitors as it winds through a diverse region of the park, including high desert shrubbery, rough canyon walls, and rock “stairways” and “staircases” that all ultimately lead to the “Window.”

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The Window Trail

This difficult hike takes visitors to the highest point in Big Bend National Park, so you are guaranteed some breathtaking views from this summit!  This high point reigns at 7,832 feet high! *Insider Tip: This trail's last 25 feet or so involves a minor rock scramble up a wall.

The Emory Peak Trail

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This trail sums up almost everything in Big Bend National Park, thanks to its lengthy distance and a healthy sampling of views! The South Rim Trail also includes Emory Peak if you want to knock out the South Rim Trail and Emory Peak on the same trip. This is one of the most challenging hikes in the entire park, so make sure that you are prepared!

The South Rim Trail

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This short trail winds through a fascinating Big Bend National Park slot canyon. The striated and colorful layers of rock in this canyon also house namesake waterholes and pools, another surprising feature to find in the middle of the desert! This is just another example of the rich diversity that can be witnessed when hiking the trails in Big Bend.

The Ernst Tinaja Trail

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The Balanced Rock formation is precisely as it sounds – an intriguing balancing act among several large boulders that form one of the most memorable sights in Big Bend.  There is a small amount of rock scrambling on this trail, which should be cautiously approached, especially with hikers accompanied by children.   

Balanced Rock (Grapevine Hills Trail)

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