Ten European Cities that Resemble Las Vegas, NV

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A recent study by Bonusetu, a Finnish casino review website, revealed ten European cities that best replicate Las Vegas. 

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From luxurious hotels and casinos to vibrant nightlife and upscale dining, these cities have much to offer travelers seeking excitement and entertainment. 

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For those who love the thrill of Las Vegas but are looking for a European adventure, here are the ten cities that resemble Las Vegas the most.

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Bucharest, Romania has earned the title of the European Las Vegas due to its whopping 160 casinos-- the highest number in the region. While it ranks moderately for five-star hotels, its in the top ten for nightlife.



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With a staggering 162 five-star rated nightlife locations per capita, Prague tops the list of cities in Europe. In addition to its lively nightlife, the Czech capital ranks second for the number of casinos.



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Amsterdam’s per capita ranking for Michelin Guide-featured restaurants is impressive, with 70 restaurants. Additionally, the city ranks 5th for its number of casinos per capita, 6th for the number of five-star hotels, and 4th for the number of five-star nightlife locations.



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London’s abundance of luxury hotels is noteworthy, as the city’s 163 five-star establishments rank it second. Additionally, the capital of England boasts the third-highest number of casinos.



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Dublin is the third-ranked city in terms of its number of casinos per capita among these European cities. The city’s solid rankings for nightlife and five-star hotels have enabled the Irish capital to secure a spot in the top five.



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