Gorgeous Fiji Islands Perfect for Vacation

Josaia Cakacaka

Fiji is a tropical paradise with more than 330 stunning islands, each with its own unique beauty.  

Dean McQuade

However, with so many choices, it can be overwhelming to determine which island to visit on your Fiji vacation without breaking the bank.

Josaia Cakacaka

Our travels have allowed us to curate a list of the top four Fiji Islands that offer an unforgettable vacation experience without draining your wallet.

Timothy Ah Koy

Located east of Fiji’s main island, breathtaking Leleuvia is full of unique, authentic experiences you just can’t find elsewhere in Fiji. Incredibly traditional and a far cry from commercial resorts.

Leleuvia Island


Even if swimming wth manta rays aren’t high on your list, you can do a sunrise hike to the top of a mountain, get out on your kayak, or try basket weaving.

Mantaray Island


The most convenient island to get to from Fiji’s main island, is the South Sea Island! Not only that, but the prices for the Beachfront Bures here are exceptionally good value.

South Sea Island


Known as the gateway to the Yasawa Islands, Kuata is a total paradise! Something tells you that this place will be magical when a Fijian warrior greets you with song and dance.

Kuata Island


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