Bordeaux: France's Wine Capital: 


Bordeaux has firmly established itself as a must-visit destination, known for its world-class wineries, historic architecture, and charming neighborhoods. 


Over 20 themed areas with permanent and temporary displays all about wine can be found in La Cité du Vin. You are surrounded by vineyards from all over the world in one room. 


Explore La Cité Du Vin

One of Bordeaux’s most famous landmarks is the magnificent square, Place De La Bourse and Miroir D’eau.

See Place De La Bourse and Miroir D’eau


One of the oldest bell towers in France and means “Big Bell” in French. It hangs in one of the few intact gates before the 18th century.

The Grosse Cloche


The pulpit in the Gothic church’s interior, which depicts St. Michael fighting the dragon, and its 17 side chapels are worth seeing, but the true attraction is the view from the tower.

Basilica of Saint Michael


It is located in the heart of Bordeaux wine country and is home to several renowned wineries.

A Day Trip To Saint-Émilion


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