Hidden Airline Fees: 10 Little-Known Tricks Unveiled

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Passport-Photo.Online surveyed individuals, asking them to rank hidden fees by irritation level on a 5-point scale. I decided to use their results and, based on them, provide travel tips for avoiding ten of the most bothersome hidden fees. 

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The majority of airlines include carry-on baggage in their ticket prices. However, some others treat it like an extra cost. The trap? When booking, many travelers, accustomed to inclusive pricing, may mistakenly choose a ticket that charges an additional fee for carry-on luggage.

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1. Carry-on fee

You can pack light. However, there’s a nice life hack: airline credit cards. Almost every airline credit card includes a free checked bag for you and anyone else in your party. Also, elevate your travel game by exploring elite status on airline loyalty programs or getting elite status. They often roll out the red carpet for baggage benefits.

2. Checked Baggage Fee

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In the sage words of Benjamin Franklin, the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Well, it appears airline tickets didn’t escape the tax net, either. Tip: Always decode the ticket jargon by checking the breakdown of costs. It’ll give you the full picture of what you’re paying for. After all, forewarned is forearmed!

3. Taxes Not Included in the Initial Ticket Quote

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Some airlines sneakily sprinkle in travel insurance during the booking process. According to a recent study of NetVoucherCodes, Ryanair is one of the most notable offenders, with AirBaltic and Finnair following suit. 

4. Automatically-Added Travel Insurance

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These fees discourage frequent changes to reservations, resulting in smoother operations. When you are on the receiving end, it feels more like “sneaky, unexpected cost” than “operational efficiency.” Tip: Always scan the change and cancellation policies before hitting “purchase.”

5. Reservation Changes and Cancellation Fees


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