25 Must-Visit Hidden Gems From Across the United States

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Sometimes the most memorable trips happen when you seek out unexpected, under-the-radar spots that you never would’ve known about without some prior research. 

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There are plenty of underrated activities across the country that deserve to go on your bucket list, from Indianapolis’ City Market Catacombs to the interactive art within Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf. 

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To help you get started, Stacker has compiled a list of 25 must-visit hidden gems from across the United States, using travel guides, news articles, national park and company websites, and more.

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Tucked away just two hours from Los Angeles, the quaint town of Solvang, California, is modeled after Denmark and Spain. With its Copenhagen-esque mermaid statues and Spanish cathedrals, you’ll be surprised you’re not in Europe!

Mermaid statues and European influence in Solvang, California


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New Mexico is home to one of the most underrated national parks: White Sands National Park. Giant wave-like dunes of white gypsum salt cover 275 miles of desert, making it the largest gypsum dune field in the world.

Salty dunes at White Sands National Park in New Mexico


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The 37-mile-long barrier island, Assateague Island straddles both Maryland and Virginia. Although it’s arguably best known for its wild horse population, the spot is a true nature lover’s oasis, with bottlenose dolphins, endangered peregrine falcons, and over 200 additional species of birds.

Wild horses in  Assateague Island


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The replica of the Uji, Japan temple of the same name was opened in 1968 to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants coming to Hawaii.

Byodo-In Temple and the Japanese American experience in Kaneohe, Hawaii


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Fun fact: The first official United States National Monument was a strange geological monolith in Wyoming known as Devils Tower. Based in the Black Hills, the rock structure is considered sacred by Northern Plains Indigenous groups.

First National Monument in Devils Tower, Wyoming


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