31 Helpful Honeymoon Budget Tips

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Before you pull out a credit card and begin booking first-class flights and a 5-star hotel in Tahiti, take a deep breath and close your eyes to imagine your life upon return. Does a credit card bill that could take years to pay off sound appealing? 

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Fortunately, there are many people who have walked in your shoes with real-life experiences and professional insights to help you plan a honeymoon you’ll remember forever, without breaking the bank. 

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We asked financial experts and online educators to share their honeymoon budget tips so you can spend less time worrying about how to pay, and more time thinking about how you’ll play (while keeping enough money in the bank for a rainy day).

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A great way to save on your honeymoon is to add a Honeymoon Registry to your list of gift options for your guests. If you’re a couple who prioritizes experiences over stuff, having your guests contribute to your dream honeymoon trip is a no-brainer.

Start a Honeyfund


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Go during a destination’s “off-season”. This can help in many ways. For starters, there will be fewer people there, so you’ll be able to do less waiting in line and get more bang for your buck depending on where you go. It will also mean everything will likely be cheaper.

Honeymoon in the  Off-Season


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If your heart is set on an iconic honeymoon destination, plan ahead and leverage credit card rewards to pay for your trip. You can use your rewards card to pay for your wedding and reap the sweet rewards when booking your honeymoon travel. Don’t let the easy access to credit blow your budget though.

Use Credit Card Rewards


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When you book the same global hotel brand rooms from a timeshare owner, you can save approximately 50% of the hotel’s direct or even travel deal site price.

Save Money Renting from a Timeshare Owner


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Cruises can be a great way to keep costs under control for a honeymoon. Since the destination might not be the most important aspect of the cruise, you can pick ones that have great pricing. Because cruises are all-inclusive, you can even schedule excursions ahead of time, having a much better idea of the total cost of the honeymoon before you book.

Plan a Honey-Cruise


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