Sweden's Architectual  Masterpiece

Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL

For more than 30 years, in the depths of winter, artists, architects, and engineers from all over the world have journeyed to the small village of Jukkasjärvi to redesign a hotel made entirely of snow and ice — the ICEHOTEL.

Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL

Visiting Sweden's ICEHOTEL 

Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL

Sleeping On Ice

Each year, about 70,000 guests check in to ICEHOTEL. While some guests prefer to stay in a cozy cabin on the property, most arrive to experience a night on the ice.

Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL

World's First

ICEHOTEL’s history dates back to 1989 when founder Yngve Bergqvist visited. During his visit, he noticed that the winters were long and cold with no appeal.

Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL

Ice Adventures

The ICEHOTEL offers much more than just a night on the ice. No matter the season, there are plenty of unique outdoor adventures to experience in and around Jukkasjärvi.

Markus Alatalo / ICEHOTEL

Creativity & Wilderness

It’s more than a hotel; it’s a unique experience that merges art, nature, and the spirit of the Arctic into an adventure that stays in the memory after the ice has melted.

Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL

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