Sweden’s Frozen Architectural Masterpiece

PC: Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL 

For more than 30 years, in the depths of winter, artists, architects, and engineers from all over the world journey to the small village of Jukkasjärvi to redesign a hotel made entirely of snow and ice — the ICEHOTEL.

PC: Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL 

Experience A Night on the Ice In -5° F Temperatures

PC: Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL 

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Sleeping on Ice

Guests are taught how to dress appropriately and make their beds with an Arctic sleeping bag. The temperature inside each suite will never drop below -5° F.  

PC: Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL  

World's First Ice Hotel

 1989 Founder Yngve Bergqvist visited Jukkasjärvi to enjoy skiing. During his visit, he noticed that the winters were long and cold with no appeal to locals, let alone tourists.

PC: Martin Smedsén / ICEHOTEL

Jukkasjärvi saw its first ice sculpture, an igloo constructed on the frozen Torne River. The igloo would become known as ARTic Hall, an art gallery, and later a meeting place.

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