A Luxurious Vacation Villa in Cancun by Maya Luxe

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Luxury travel isn’t about the biggest or most expensive. It’s a unique form of travel that focuses on personalized services, curated experiences, and unforgettable memories. It’s something you should try at least once in your lifetime.  

Photo: Alexandrea Sumuel

Luxury vacations are tailored to meet each traveler’s individual needs and preferences, creating an atmosphere of comfort, exclusivity, and refined attention to detail.

Photo: Alexandrea Sumuel

Of Maya Luxe's 150 villas along the Yucatan Peninsula, I chose CasaZul, a gorgeous 8-bedroom beachfront property in Cancun’s lively Hotel Zone. Here’s what I experienced. 

Photo: Alexandrea Sumuel

The property is hands down gorgeous. At CasaZul, every bedroom feels like the master. With seven bedrooms in the main house and a garden-view bungalow, this spacious villa accommodates up to 30 people.

Large, Spacious Properties That Exude Luxury


Photo: Maya Luxe

Paulina, our butler, provided exceptional service. To sum it up, she ensured we had everything we needed and when we needed it. From groceries and poolside beverages to laundry services, if we wanted something done, Paulina made it happen!

Your Dedicated Butler Ensures Your Every Need is Met


Photo: Alexandrea Sumuel

Since our trip, we have joked that our pallets will forever be spoiled when it comes to Mexican cuisine. Maya Luxe brought in not one but two local, professional chefs who stayed on site from early morning to about 9 PM every day. 

Not One, But Two Local Professional Chefs


Photo: Alexandrea Sumuel

One of the things we most wanted to do was go swimming and snorkeling in a cenote. With the help of the Maya Luxe team, we had a blast visiting Playa del Carmen, which was around 45 minutes away. 

Concierge Services and Curated Experiences


Photo: Alexandrea Sumuel

With an extensive portfolio of exclusive properties situated in some of the most desirable locations on the Mexican coast, Maya Luxe is known for its exceptional service, personalized attention, and luxurious amenities.

Maya Luxe Luxury Vacations in Mexico


Photo: Alexndrea Sumuel

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Photo: Maya Luxe