How to Make Your Next Vacation Better for The Environment

Being an environmentally friendly tourist can be challenging. Tourism is an industry that brings many negative environmental impacts – our pleasure often comes at the expense of local habitats or wildlife.

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Tourism can also be an inspiring way to connect with oneself, with others and with new places. As tourists, we can learn, share, and contribute to positive environmental practices.

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The money you spend, the social interactions you have, and the resources you consume all help to shape an area. So here are four pieces of advice for making your next holiday better for the environment.

An excellent way to make the most of your economic footprint is to stay local and shop at independent businesses. These businesses tend to pay local taxes and are owned by and employ local people.

Spend Locally


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Tourism creates waste and uses up resources. Treading carefully will minimize the environmental impact you have on your holiday destination.

Tread Lightly


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A single tourist uses 300 liters of water in their holiday accommodation on average each night. Reusing towels, flushing the toilet less, and shortening your shower time can all help reduce demand for water resources.

Join organizations fighting for their conservation, contribute to their sustainable development, and share your appreciation of these places with others.

Place Matters


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A final thing you can do as a tourist is to keep exploring. It can be tempting to stay in a tourist bubble and not leave the confines of your resort or stick with familiar travel groups and activities.

Stay Curious


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