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Fun Ideas For Your Bride-To-Be


Each year, bride tribes flock from all over the nation to revel in the Music City’s festivities. Whether it’s a tractor tour, river cruise, drag brunch, or line dancing, Nashville surely knows how to party in style!

Alexandrea Sumuel

Nashville Bachelorette Party Ideas

Alexandrea Sumuel

Nashville Tractor Tour

For an extra thrill, consider a Nashville Tractor tour. The Nashville Tractor provides non-stop scenic views of Music City as you party, without interruptions from hop-on/hop-off stops. 

Alexandrea Sumuel

Nashville Liquor Lab

Join cocktail classes taught by some of the best in the business and become a mixologist for the night!

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Nashville Drag Brunch

Brunch is a must-have after a night on Broadway, but why not add some entertainment to your meal? 

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The Bach Bar

The Bach Bar is a first-of-its-kind mobile bartending experience tailored to fit any special occasion.

Lance Wilson/The Bach Bar

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