RANKED: Top 10 Party Cities in America

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Vacationing in a city known for its party scene can be an incredibly enjoyable experience.

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With a vibrant nightlife, energetic atmosphere, and endless entertainment options, party cities offer a unique vacation experience for vacationers looking to add a little excitement to their itineraries. 

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The downtown area, known as the Riverwalk District, is a popular spot for nightlife, with bars and clubs lining the streets. During the summer months, Reno hosts a number of outdoor festivals and concerts.

Reno, Nevada


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The street has live music venues, dance clubs, and outdoor bars, making it a popular spot for bar hopping and partying. The city also hosts fun festivals and events throughout the year.

Key West, Florida


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The Jersey City, NJ, downtown area features bars and nightclubs, many offering live music and entertainment. Grove Street is a popular spot for nightlife, with bars.

Jersey City, New Jersey


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Baton Rouge, LA, is known for its lively music scene, with a variety of blues, jazz, and rock venues showcasing local talent. Vacationers can enjoy live music at a number of bars.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


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Las Vegas, NV, is known for its casinos, hotels, nightclubs, and bars, many open 24 hours a day. Vacationers can also enjoy live entertainment, including shows by world-famous musicians.

Las Vegas, Nevada


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Known for its iconic beaches, with bars and restaurants offering drinks, food, and live music. South Beach is a popular destination for nightlife, with bars, nightclubs, and restaurants lining Ocean Drive.

Miami Beach, Florida


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