How to Prepare Your Home Before Going on Vacation

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Preparing your home before an extended vacation or work trip is important for several reasons: it wards off burglars, prevents damage to your home, and saves money. 

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Before leaving for vacation, it's essential to turn on your security cameras, set your alarm system, and put some lights on a timer to deter potential intruders. These precautionary measures can provide a significant layer of protection for your home, making it appear occupied and closely monitored even when you're away.

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Home Security

While you're away on vacation, it's advisable to either put away your hidden spare key or give it to someone you trust, to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your home. This simple yet effective measure can significantly enhance your home's security, ensuring that only those you have explicitly trusted have the means to enter.

Home Access

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Leave your refrigerator running, but clean it out to prevent spoilage and odors. For the thermostat, consider setting it 5 degrees higher than usual in the summer and 5 degrees lower in the winter to conserve energy. When it comes to other appliances, unplugging them can help you save on your electric bill and reduce the risk of electrical issues.

Home Maintenance

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Utilizing the USPS Hold Mail service can be a convenient way to ensure that your mail doesn't pile up in your absence, making it less obvious that you're away on vacation. This service allows you to hold your mail for up to 30 days, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind while you enjoy your time off.

Handling Mail

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Before departing for vacation, it's prudent to either hide your valuables in a secure location or lock them up in a home safe to protect them from potential theft. Taking these steps adds an extra layer of security, helping to ensure that your valuable items remain secure while you're away.


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