10 Easy Steps: From Remote Worker to Digital Nomad

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 Interested in taking your remote work job on the road? These ten easy steps will take you from remote worker to digital nomad faster than you can buy a plane ticket.  

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It’s important to ask yourself – can you handle the ups and downs? Are you ready for the challenges of leaving friends and family behind? Do you consider yourself adaptable and flexible, resilient when things don’t go your way?

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1. Ask The Big Questions 

Before you sell everything and head out on the road permanently, narrow your sites on the type of digital nomad lifestyle you think will be the best fit. There is no one right way to be a digital nomad, no matter what someone on the internet tells you.

2. Narrow Your Focus 

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For those looking to get started working remotely for the first time, this lifestyle change means securing digital nomad jobs that are more friendly to the lifestyle than a typical remote position. Look for flexibility of hours that will allow you to change timezones, all-remote staffing, and other features that will make it easier for you to work and travel at once.

3. Secure A Job

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Consider costs like travel insurance, visa fees, coworking spaces, laundry service, plane tickets, and more when making your budget. You’ll want to leave some padding for the unexpected expenses that can arise.

4. Set Your Budget

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Look into bank accounts with no foreign ATM fees, credit cards with travel protection, and the like. Even if you’ve never considered these things, they can add significant savings for digital nomads constantly on the move. Speaking with an accountant about your tax status as a digital nomad may also be a good idea.

5. Prepare Your Finances 

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