South Dakota National Parks, Monuments, and Other Outdoor Adventures

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South Dakota is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, rich American history, and iconic destinations like Mount Rushmore.

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You may be surprised to hear the state houses seven national park sites. We will outline the wonderful South Dakota national parks so you can plan your adventure.

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Located in southwestern South Dakota, Badlands National Park features vast mixed-grass prairies between otherworldly striated canyons, pinnacles, and buttes.

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Badlands National Park

Nestled underground, Jewel Cave features many beautiful structures, including calcite crystals, flowstones, draperies, frostwork, and cave popcorn.

Jewel Cave National Monument

Photo: NPS Photo / Dan Austin

South Dakota is the Mount Rushmore State for a reason. The iconic landmark is the state’s most popular attraction, drawing over 2 million visitors annually.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Photo: Josh Miller

Visitors can learn about the Cold War and the Minuteman Missile system. The park has a restored missile silo, museum, visitor center, and guided tours.

Minuteman Missile Historic Site

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This trail follows the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition, in the early 1800s from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

Photo: Courtesy U.S. National Park

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