Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Things to Do and Scenic Bike Rides 

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With no introduction needed, it’s time for one of the most iconic motorcycle events of the year– the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally! From concerts and pub crawls to bike shows and beard contests, this annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts is an experience like no other. 

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And while the rally is enough to keep you busy, carving out a day or two for local attractions and day trips can be an excellent addition to your trip. Below you’ll find some of the most popular things to do in Sturgis, South Dakota, along with scenic road trip ideas to get you started.  

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The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is 52 miles from Sturgis, South Dakota, with a one-way ride time of about an hour and fifteen minutes. You'll take a gorgeous ride on winding roads through the southern Black Hills of South Dakota, passing through small cities and unincorporated towns.

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial 

From Sturgis, the Crazy Horse Memorial is 67 miles through the southern Black Hills and takes around an hour and a half. If you're looking to visit the memorial after exploring Mount Rushmore, it's an additional 18 miles that will take you around 40 minutes.

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Crazy Horse Memorial 

Badlands National Park is around 108 miles and an hour and forty minutes southeast of Sturgis. There are a few different entrances, which you can find here. The first leg of your ride will be similar to that of the Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorials, but you'll head east once you hit Rapid City, SD.

Badlands National Park 

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Devil's Tower National Monument is northwest of Sturgis in Devil's Tower, Wyoming. The ride is approximately 81 miles and an hour and twenty minutes from Sturgis. You'll pass through small cities and towns such as Whitewood, Spearfish, Beulah, and Sundance.

Devil’s Tower National Monument 

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Needles Highway is approximately 59 miles southwest of Sturgis and takes about an hour and ten minutes to reach. It’s a 14-mile road that takes you through Custer State Park, around an additional 40-minute drive from Mount Rushmore. The park features curvy roads, scenic views of formations, mountains, beautiful forests, and a Sylvan Lake overlook. 

Needles Highway 

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