Experience Dubai: Popular Things to Do on Vacation

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Dubai is a city of the most extraordinary experiences. Yes, the things to do in Dubai are unmatched by any other destination in the Middle East. It will have sightseers in awe, foodies dribbling, culture buffs circling, and daredevils gratified. 

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Dubai is the UAE’s second-largest emirate and the Middle East’s most famous city on the Persian Gulf coast. It is just two hours’ drive from the country’s capital and the largest emirate, Abu Dhabi, and about 40 minutes away from its cultural hub, Sharjah. 

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November to March is the peak tourist season when Dubai is at its best. It has pleasant chill waters and many iconic attractions and events, primarily the New Year’s Eve festivities and Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

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Experience what it’s like to see the whole of Dubai and beyond from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Gain a standard admission ticket to the 124th level ‘At the Top’ observation deck or the 148th level Sky ticket to experience the world’s highest observation deck at over 555 meters

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Burj Khalifa – World’s Tallest Building

The artificial Palm Jumeirah is undoubtedly one of the city’s most legendary attractions. This island is an unequaled engineering marvel, resembling a giant palm tree crowned by a crescent. You can absorb the comprehensive 360-degree views of this stunning island and Arabian Gulf.

The View at the Palm Jumeirah

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Dubai is an uber-futuristic city, the ultimate proof of which is the Museum of the Future. This brand-new museum, next to Emirates Tower, is straight out of a sci-fi movie, where its ring-like architecture, avant-garde displays, and the astonishingly themed segment will transport 50 years forward.

Museum of the Future

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A selfie or a photograph snapped against the iconic Burj Al Arab is something you can’t afford to miss in Dubai, especially if it’s your first-time visit. Burj Al Arab, an all-suite, five-star hotel, is one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai. A stay here, even for a single night, will set you back a fortune.

Burj Al Arab Tour

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It’s one of the top attractions to experience in Dubai at night. As the sun sets and the illuminated structures lend a distinct allure to the night skyline, hop on a traditional wooden dhow for an approximately two-hour cruise along Dubai Marina’s stylish waterfront sights.

Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina

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