Small Town, Big Adventures: Things to Do in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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La Fortuna is a popular town in Costa Rica, receiving over a million visitors from around the world each year. Travelers are lured by the hot springs, but it is best known for its jungle adventures and the nearby Arenal Volcano National Park. 

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Perfect for those seeking a unique adventure, canyoning screams “Costa Rica.” Many canyoning tours will pick you up, drive you to a waterfall, and teach you how to descend the rock amidst the rushing water.

Canyoning in the Jungles of La Fortuna

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Another great adventure in La Fortuna is heading to the waters of the Balsa River. Try beginner rapids (classes 2 and 3) or intermediate/advanced rapids (classes 3 and 4) on the Upper Balsa River.  

Rafting on the Balsa River

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Just a short drive away from the town of La Fortuna is Arenal Volcano National Park. This is one of the main highlights of visiting Costa Rica, and the volcano is featured in many marketing materials for tourists.  So it may look familiar when you get there.

Hiking Arenal Volcano National Park

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Costa Rica is well known for its coffee, sugarcane, and cacao production, so most places around the country will present tour options. Taking a coffee and chocolate tour in La Fortuna is a classic activity and perfect for all ages. Learn about these resources’ growing process, harvest, and end product.  

Coffee and  Chocolate Tour

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In 2000,  Joanne Bogarin decided to try and restore a large amount of farmland in La Fortuna. With the city’s continuing development, she wanted to make sure plenty of animals had a home nearby. The barren farmland is now a forest within the city limits of La Fortuna, filled with wildlife that naturally made their way to this new home.

Find Sloths on  Bogarin Trail

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