Things to Do in Monaco for the Best Riviera Experience

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Located along the Mediterranean shores, Monaco’s principality is more than just a hub for the rich and famous. Beyond its luxurious yachts, grand casinos, and  Formula 1 race, Monaco is the perfect for those looking for a unique vacation.  

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Compared to other parts of the French Riviera, Monaco presents a unique fusion of luxury, culture, and cosmopolitan energy in a compact space. Whether you’re an adventurer, a romantic, a gambler, or simply looking to relax in luxury, there is something for everyone in Monaco. 

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The marquee attraction in Monaco is the Monte Carlo Casino. This jaw-dropping Belle Epoque building was built in the 19th century and is the brainchild of the brilliant Charles Garnier. But it’s not just about rolling the dice and hoping for a lucky streak here. Stepping inside feels like a different world with its stunning decor and detailed sculptures.

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Monte Carlo Casino

Set high on the Rocheror (or big rock), the Prince’s palace is not just a grand building but the actual home of the royal Grimaldi family. Walking up the steps to the palace feels like flipping through the pages of a history book.

Prince’s Palace

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Dreamed up by Prince Albert I in 1910, the Oceanographic Museum is a tribute to the magnificence of the Mediterranean Sea. As you explore, check out the aquarium, get up close (but not too personal) with the residents of the Shark Lagoon, and take a stroll to the “Turtle Bubble” on the terrace.

Oceanographic Museum

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Perched on the cliffs of Monaco’s rugged terrain, the Jardin Exotique offers a botanical escape from the city below. This stunning garden is focused on plants from the world’s arid regions and is packed with cool cacti and unique succulents. As you meander through its terraced paths, you are treated to one of the best views of the principality below.

The Jardin Exotique

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When you think of Monaco, you probably picture that epic F1 Grand Prix race, right? During race weekend, the typically quiet streets are replaced with the mighty roars of engines of the world’s most elite motor race. The event blends luxury with sheer adrenaline.

Monaco Grand Prix

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