Seaside Adventures: Things to Do in Nantucket, MA on Your Vacation

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Do you want to make the most of your long-awaited trip to Nantucket? Well, the fact is that this small New England island located 30 miles south of mainland Massachusetts has it all!

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Nature, endless beaches with stunning views, the most significant number of preserved historic buildings than in any town in the USA, the most beautiful waterfront mansions, and some of the best seafood restaurants and most exclusive boutiques in the world. 

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Here are ten famous sites to add to your list of things to see and do during your Nantucket vacation!

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This is the second oldest lighthouse still working in the USA and was initially built in 1746. Today’s lighthouse tower was constructed in 1901 when the ninth one on this point was destroyed.

Brant Point Lighthouse


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At the Whaling Museum, you can see a real giant sperm whale skeleton, the first lighthouse Fresnel lens in the country, and hundreds of artifacts, artwork, and other exhibits from the glorious whaling years.

The Whaling Museum


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The walkway is only a mile long but offers some of the most mesmerizing ocean views from the top of the tall bluffs and also glimpses of the famous shingle-style cottages, all covered with crawling roses and surrounded by blooming hydrangeas which have become iconic of the island.

‘Sconset Bluff Walk


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This postcard-like striped red and white lighthouse is located on the eastern coast of Nantucket and, in the spring, is surrounded by a magnificent field of yellow daffodils. This lighthouse has guided the ships and boats since 1850.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse


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Cisco Beach is located on the southern shore of Nantucket and is one of the trendiest surfing spots and gathering places for watersports lovers and youngsters on the island. It is home to the Nantucket Surf School, where you can rent all the gear you need to enjoy your favorite water sport.

Cisco Beach


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