Kid-Friendly Activities in  Amelia Island, Florida

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Amelia Island, the northernmost island on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, is a unique beach full of history, creative restaurants, relaxation, and beauty. 

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It has an active inland downtown (Fernandina Beach) and a few larger resorts like the Ritz Carlton, but it’s mostly beach cottages and small condos.

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As one of the oldest European settlements in the US, it’s full of history, and the downtown Fernandina Beach area has some of the best local food around.

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Where the Ritz-Carlton shines is in their kids’ programming. They offer daily activities for kids to learn about marine life, and a childcare program.

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The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

Island Falls Adventure Golf features a pink plantation house as the clubhouse. The holes are creative, with many hidden tunnels, water features, and varying paths.

Putt Putt  in Amelia Island

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Watanut sells a variety of innovative ice cream. They bill themselves as a nut and cookie store, but  they are also a phenomenal ice cream shop.

Ice Cream  in Amelia Beach

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One of the distinctive features of Amelia Island is its history. Of interest to your kids might be the stories of pirates, Rockefellers, battles, or American Beach.

Historical Amelia Island

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While cruising, the captain will share the history and point out wildlife like alligators, manatees, dolphins, wild horses, and bald eagles!

Amelia River Cruise

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