Top 10 Cities in Spain for Digital Nomads

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Spain's visa program allows non-resident freelancers and remote workers to immerse themselves in Spanish culture, architecture, cuisine, and nightlife while staying connected to their jobs.  

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Non-EU citizens can now live and work remotely for non-Spanish companies in Spain for up to five years with the new visa. To qualify, applicants must provide proof of employment and a local address and renew their visa annually.  

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With its high-speed internet, the diverse international community, and tax incentives for digital nomad visa holders, Spain is a top destination for those with an itinerant lifestyle.

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Malaga is a popular seaside resort town that doubles as a startup hub and home to many of Spain's rising tech companies. The city boasts a thriving entrepreneurial community that regularly hosts trade shows, conferences, and networking events, providing numerous opportunities for digital nomads.



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With a population of around 3.3 million people, the capital of Spain provides all the conveniences and amenities you'd expect from a metropolitan hub. It's an economic powerhouse with a strong focus on banking and technology, and it houses several world-renowned universities.



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Barcelona is an exceptionally international city, with one in every five residents born outside of Spain. As the center of Catalan culture, the city is renowned for its striking architecture, which includes several World Heritage sites.



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For digital nomads who cherish their alone time, Alicante is worth considering. Despite not being a top-of-mind destination for many digital nomads, this Mediterranean coastal city is known for its relaxed atmosphere, pleasant climate, and stunning beaches. 



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Valencia, Spain's third-largest city, may not have the same popularity as Madrid or Barcelona. Still, it offers digital nomads a diverse culture, an impressive food scene, and expansive sandy beaches without the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. 



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