10 Reasons We Are So Obsessed With Traveling

Hodophile is the term used to reference people who love to travel. It means “one who loves to travel.”


10 Reasons We Are So Obsessed With Traveling

We Want to Explore

Humans are driven to explore the unknown, discover new ways of life, and challenge what we think we already know about the world.

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We Want to Relax

These trips help you escape the hustle of everyday life and recharge your body and mind. Relaxing trips are essential for reducing stress and boosting your mental health.

Went Want to Escape

We travel to escape – to run away not just from our troubles but towards something better. 

We Want to Learn

My family and I travel to learn. When on the go, we prioritize picking up a few key phrases in the local language as well as educational opportunities in each place.

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