Baltic Gem: 9 Reasons to Include Latvia in Your Summer Adventures

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Latvia, the jewel of the Baltics, may not be the first country that comes to mind when planning a European vacation. However, this Northern European destination perfectly blends a rich history, stunning landscapes, vibrant cultural experiences, and more.  

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With our cold winters, it’s no surprise that most visitors come to Latvia in the summertime. It’s also when everyone ventures outdoors to enjoy the perfect weather for activities, sports, and events in the warm summer sun. 

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With 10 miles of coastline, two beautiful bays, a 3-mile boardwalk, and over 200 restaurants, Ocean City, Maryland, has earned its reputation as “Somewhere to Smile About.”

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Nestled in a pine forest by Lake Jugla, the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia offers an unforgettable summer escape, showcasing the country’s diverse and captivating history. 

Ethnographic Open-Air Museum

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The city streets aren’t the only vantage point to enjoy Riga from. Multiple operators offer boat tours on the Daugava River, where you can enjoy stunning views of Kronvalda Park, Bastejkalns, the Latvian National Opera, Riga Central Market, the Presidential Palace, and Dome Church, all within an hour.

Relax on a   Daugava River Cruise

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The Gauja River is a source of natural beauty and a hub for water-based adventures. As the longest and most popular river for boating in Latvia, the Gauja River offers water tourists an impressive journey through breathtaking landscapes and pristine nature.

Float Along the  Gauja River

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Visit the Rundale Palace and its beautiful gardens and castle interiors. Built between 1736-1740 and 1764-1768, Rundale Palace was the summer residence of the Duke of Courland, Ernst Johann Biron.

Explore Rundale Palace

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Jurmala and Ventspils are two remarkable beach destinations in Latvia that offer unforgettable experiences, especially during the summer. Ventspils Beach, located just a few hours away from Riga, has a family-friendly atmosphere and diverse activities.

Relax on Latvia’s Beautiful Beaches

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