Google Flights Launches New Price Guarantee Program

Google Flights, a popular platform for booking flights, has launched a new program called Price, which is now in its pilot phase. Available on select Book on Google itineraries, this program assures travelers that they can book their flights at the lowest possible price. 

This is an excellent option for those who want to save money on their travel without the hassle of monitoring prices continuously. The monitoring system used by Google ensures that customers get the best possible deal on their flights, and if the price drops, they receive a refund for the difference via Google Pay.

How Does Google’s Price Guarantee Work?

This Price guarantee program is available to those who book their flights through Google’s Book on Google option. To be eligible, customers must have their country set to the U.S., currency in USD, and use a U.S. billing address and phone number on the Book on Google page. They must also be signed in to their Google account.

Google’s algorithms monitor the price of flights until the first flight departs. Customers will receive email updates during this period, informing them of any price changes. If the price drops, customers will receive a refund of the difference via Google Pay. If the price remains the same, they can rest assured they’ve secured the best price through Google Flights

Be sure to look for the Price guarantee badge when booking to ensure eligibility for the program.

Up to $500 Back Annually via Google Pay

To receive a refund through the Price guarantee program on Google Flights, the price difference must be more than $5. You can receive up to $500 annually for up to three open Price guaranteed bookings. The refund will be given after the first flight in the itinerary has departed. 

To claim the difference, you must download the Google Pay app within 90 days of the first flight’s departure and set it up as a US user with a US mobile phone number. The refunded amount will be deposited into your Google Pay account. Additionally, you must be over 18 years old to be eligible for the program.

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Google Flights Launches New Price Guarantee Program

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