Grenada Getaway: Things to Do on Your Caribbean Vacation

Grenada is a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, located north of Trinidad and Tobago. Grenada is also known as the ‘spice isle’ for its production of nutmeg and mace. The locals are friendly, and the natural aroma of nutmeg floats through the air, making this island one of a kind. 

It is home to stunning beaches, golden sands, rivers, and waterfalls. It is a paradise for beachgoers, and the crystal-clear waters are perfect for diving or snorkeling. You can laze around these beautiful beaches and have the time of your life. 

The island has an intricate history of colonization and their struggle for freedom. They finally gained independence in 1974. There are historical sites and landmarks spread across the country which give insight into the country’s history and evolution. 

Hot to Get to Grenada 

The best way to get to Grenada is by flying to The Maurice Bishop International Airport. Delta, American Eagle, British Airways, American Airlines, and Air Canada are popular airlines flying to Grenada. Another way to reach Grenada is by taking a cruise. 

Occasionally, cruises are available between October and May which dock in the capital of Grenada, St. George. There are also docking points for yachts.

Best Time to Visit Grenada

Grenada has a tropical climate, so there are two main seasons, i.e., the wet and dry seasons. Plan your trip according to the season which suits your needs the best. 

January to April is the dry season, also considered the best time to visit Grenada. While most of Europe is getting through winter, the weather here is sunny, and there is almost no rainfall. This is perfect for exploring the island and engaging in a variety of beach activities. You can admire the natural landscape and enjoy various water sports. 

Due to frequent rainfall, June to December is the wet season. This might throw some people off, but the good thing is that it rains in short bursts which do not last long. The island is a paradise for nature lovers during this season as it is abundant in beautiful flora and lush green landscapes. 

The months of May to November are sort of transition months between the dry and wet seasons. These months are less crowded and suitable for those seeking a mix of both seasons. There isn’t much rainfall either, which makes these months quite favorable.

Grand Etang National Park 

Visit the Grand Etang National Park, located right in the center of Grenada. It is filled with lush green rainforests, and you can hike some of its scenic trails leading to the beautiful Grand Etang Lake. This Lake is an extinct volcanic crater, making it even more stunning, along with the wilderness surrounding it. 

The beautiful walking trails here are a treat and a great way to relax. You will also encounter various wildlife, such as armadillos, Mona monkeys, and tropical mockingbirds. 

St. George’s 

St. George's, Grenada
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St. George’s is the capital city of Grenada, known for its fabulous architecture filled with gorgeous red brick buildings. You can watch the fishing boats and visit the Grenada National Museum to dive into the island’s rich and complex history from the pre-independence era. You can also visit other historical sights like Fort George and Fort Frederick. 

The city is also known for its markets. You can head to the market square, where you will find a variety of stalls. This is a great place to buy souvenirs such as handmade products, local artifacts, and spices, which fill the air with aroma. 

Underwater Sculpture Park

The underwater sculpture park is one of Grenada’s most unique attractions. It was created by a British sculptor named Jason deCaires Taylor. This is a unique collection of underwater sculptures, with some reaching 40 feet in depth, which is the first of its kind. 

You dive down to explore the sculptures, and you will be surprised to discover various life-size sculptures underwater. This is also a protected marine body, so you will be able to spot a ton of beautiful fish. 

You can also take a glass boat tour if you aren’t comfortable with swimming. 

River Antoine Rum Distillery 

Dating back to 1785, the River Antoine Rum Distillery is the Caribbean’s first water-driven distillery. The techniques and equipment used here are traditional and almost 200 years old. 

You can take a tour of the distillery to look at the water wheel and the entire process of making rum. You also get to taste their rum, making this tour worthwhile. 

Grenada Chocolate Factory 

Visit the Belmont Estate and the Grenada Chocolate Company to indulge in the production of chocolate. The Belmont estate is 300 years old and known for its organic cocoa. This cocoa is used to make chocolate in the Grenada Chocolate Factory. 

Take a tour of the factory to see how chocolate is made from start to finish, and taste some locally made chocolate bars at the end of your tour. They are known to produce some of the world’s finest chocolate here.

Due to its size, it may not be one of the biggest chocolate producers like Switzerland, however, the cocoa produced in the rainforests is quite unlike any other!

Annandale Falls 

Annandale Falls, Grenada
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This is a 10-meter-high waterfall set in the beautiful gardens. It is excellent for a relaxing swim in the waterfall’s fantastic plunge pool, surrounded by greenery. It is very accessible but tends to get crowded, so avoid visiting when a cruise ship is in the port. 

Spice Estates 

Visit the local spice estates to peek into the island’s popular spice industry. Many of these estates have great historical and cultural significance. Most spice estates provide guided tours of the captivating and aromatic fields where the spices are cultivated. Visitors can actively engage in the processing of spices at some spice estates.

Many spice estates have shops in their estates, where you may buy a variety of locally grown spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and many more. You can also buy other products made from these aromatic ingredients, such as essential oils, soaps, and skincare items. 

You may also sample and buy various spice-infused products, such as teas, jams, and artisanal culinary items, which make excellent souvenirs or gifts. 

Taste the Local Cuisine 

Don’t miss out on experiencing traditional Grenadian cuisine, which usually includes delectable dishes made with locally grown spices and fresh fish. The locals are known for their warmth and hospitality, so follow local customs and traditions. 

You will find various restaurants and street food stalls that serve delicious and authentic dishes. Don’t miss out on delicacies like oil down, callaloo, and fresh seafood served with a blend of local spices. 

Best Beaches to Visit

Grand Anse Beach in Grenada
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When it comes to beaches, Grenada never disappoints! It is known for its lovely sand beaches and activities. There are a ton of beaches that you can visit here, and they all have a variety of beach activities that you enjoy. You can swim, sunbathe, and participate in water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. 

Grand Anse Beach is the most popular beach in Grenada; you will know why when you visit. It boasts some spectacular views of the capital city. The beach has beautiful golden sand and is studded with palm trees. It is a paradise for beach lovers, and despite being this famous, it has a place for everyone to sit and relax. 

Morne Rouge Beach is a calmer alternative to Grand Anse and is just as pretty. This is a beautiful soft sand beach with calm, crystal clear waters. The beach is quite secluded despite being close to the popular spots. There are restaurants and beach bars, so you can even sip on delicious cocktails while enjoying the sunset. 

Levera Beach is a lesser-known gem of the Levera National Park. It is secluded and has a beautiful coastline. There are fewer tourists here, so it is a delightful experience for those who like to be alone and away from the crowds. Because it is part of a national nature park, you may be able to see some rare birds. 

La Sagesse Beach is another quaint beach with crystal-clear waters and soft sand. The beach is surrounded by palm trees, which adds a great feel. This is one of Grenada’s nicest beaches.  It is not crowded, which is an excellent option for a peaceful time at the beach while soaking in the sun. 

Vacationing in Grenada

Sauteurs Bay, Grenada
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While traveling in Grenada, consider hiring a car to explore the island at your leisure, as local transport is limited in some areas.

Pack light, breathable clothing because the weather might be hot and humid. Remember to bring sunscreen and insect repellent.

While Grenada may not be a common country on everyone’s radar, it sure will catch you by surprise!


Grenada Getaway: Things to Do on Your Caribbean Vacation
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