Retire in Spain: Best Cities + How Much it Will Cost You

With its blend of beaches, mountains, vibrant cities, lively festivals, and a generous dose of sunshine almost everywhere you go, it’s no wonder that Spain stands out as a highly sought-after European destination for those seeking retirement abroad.

According to Sally Pederson, who serves as InternationalLiving’s Spain Correspondent, “Spain caters to a wide range of preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the energetic urban atmosphere of Madrid, the idyllic beach haven of Alicante, or the rich historical heritage of Granada, a splendid retirement experience awaits you.”

The undeniable value for your money adds to Spain’s appeal. Retirees can comfortably settle in exciting cities like Barcelona for around $2500 a month. If that sounds appealing, peruse this list of seven Spanish cities that emerge as exceptional retirement destinations. These selections take into account various crucial factors such as cost of living, overall quality of life, healthcare provisions, safety measures, proximity to attractions, and more.


Malaga, Spain
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Malaga is a lively city by the coast that’s great for retirees. It has a cool culture, amazing buildings, and friendly people. One of the best things is the weather – the sun shines over 300 days a year!

Places like La Malagueta Beach are good for relaxing and doing water activities. You can also find lots of yummy food, busy markets, and fun things to do at night in the city.

Besides the nice weather and beaches, Malaga is famous for its history and art. Pablo Picasso was born here. You can see old places like the Alcazaba fortress from long ago and the Roman Theatre.

People who moved here from other countries say they can live well in Malaga for around $2,300 monthly.


Plaza de Espana Seville, Spain
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In Andalusia, Seville has become a huge draw for retirees. The weather is nice, the locals are friendly, the food is delicious, and there’s lots to do and see.

Seville is most famous for its old stories, amazing buildings, and unique ways of doing things. One famous thing is the Seville Cathedral, where Christopher Columbus is buried.

People in Seville also love their flamenco music and dancing. They put on exciting shows in different places. Every year, they have a festival called Feria de Abril, which goes on for a whole week. There’s flamenco, traditional clothes, and even parades with horses. This shows how much fun Seville is. The streets are lively, the food is tasty, and the people there are nice, which makes visiting the city special.

Seville is a calm and relaxed place, perfect for retirement. The way of life is easygoing, and it’s not too expensive to live there compared to other popular cities in Spain.

If a couple wants to live in Seville, they can have a good life with around $2,300 each month, depending on how they spend their money.


Madrid, Spain
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When you’re talking about the best cities in Spain, you can’t forget to mention the busy capital, Madrid! This city is full of life and excitement. For retired folks, Madrid is a special place with many great things to offer.

Madrid has really good hospitals, exciting events, and nice places to live. It doesn’t get too cold in winter, and it’s really hot in summer.

People like Madrid because it has beautiful buildings, awesome museums, and delicious food. You can see cool dances like flamenco and famous paintings in galleries. Also, moving around the city and even to other places is easy because the buses and trains are great.

In Madrid, the weather is warm, and the sun is shining a lot. This is perfect for doing outside activities like biking, hiking, or just walking in the pretty parks. You can also meet new people, especially since many people from other countries live here.

If you want a place for your retirement that’s lively and has a lot of different things, Madrid could be the best pick.

Retire comfortably in Madrid, including paying rent, with less than $1,900 monthly.


Barcelona, Spain
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Barcelona is an awesome place for retirement because it has lots of good things together: cool culture, really good hospitals, and amazing weather.

People know Barcelona for its beautiful buildings, like the ones made by Antoni Gaudi, and famous places like Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia. There are also big museums for art, and places to watch plays and music shows. Retired people have many events like these to enjoy.

The weather in Barcelona is nice because it’s by the Mediterranean Sea. This means you can do fun things like go to the beach, parks, countryside, or even the mountains all year round. And guess what? Many people from other countries live here, too, so it’s easy to find friends and people to hang out with.

Overall, Barcelona is a lively and exciting place, but it’s also calm and easygoing. The people and the hospitals are great. It’s just right for retired folks who want a mix of everything.

If a couple wants to live well in Barcelona, they can do it for around $2,500 monthly.


Granada, Spain
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Granada is a beautiful city in the south of Spain that retirees might love. It’s got a mix of old stuff, like history, cool buildings, and pretty nature.

Granada is home to Alhambra Palace. It’s famous for buildings that look from a long time ago.

One great thing about Granada is that it’s not too fast-paced. You can walk around easily, and you need stores and things. The weather is nice, not too hot or cold, and you can do fun stuff outside like walking, skiing, or playing golf.

If you retire here, you’ll get to taste local foods like tapas and paella, which are yummy. Granada also has art places, parties, and music shows, so there’s always something to do.

Granada could be a good choice if you don’t like beaches but want a calm and pretty place to retire with nice people, history, and nature.

A couple can live comfortably in Granada for around $2,400 monthly, including rent.


Alicante, Spain
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If you’re considering retiring in Spain, Alicante is a good choice. This city by the Mediterranean Sea has a lot of good things for retirees. It’s not expensive to live there, the weather is awesome, and the people are friendly and nice.

Alicante is most famous for its pretty coast, nice beaches, and lots of tourists who come to visit. There’s a beach called Postiguet Beach, known for having a good spot to catch the sun. The city also has lovely gardens and parks, perfect for walking in the morning or having a picnic in the afternoon.

An old castle in Alicante called Castillo de Santa Barbara is up on a hill. You can see the whole city and learn about the past from there. The old part of the city, called Old Town, is also cool. It has small streets, colorful houses, and a lively feel. And when the sun goes down, there’s a lot of stuff to do at night, like going to bars, clubs, and restaurants.

A couple can have the perfect life in Alicante with around $2,000 each month.


Valencia, Spain
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Valencia is like a hidden treasure and a really good city for retired folks in Spain. People love it for its enticing food, pretty buildings, and interesting history. In Valencia, you can have a chill and peaceful life, but you still get all the good stuff you’d find in a big city.

Valencia is mostly famous for a special place called the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s like a glimpse into the future with cool buildings like Hemisfèric, Science Museum, Oceanographic, and Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia. They say paella was born here so that you can taste the real thing!

The old part of the city, Ciutat Vella, is nice, with a big church called Valencia Cathedral, Silk Exchange, and a market. There are beaches like Malvarrosa, where you can relax in the sun. Valencia has cool events like La Tomatina, where people throw tomatoes, and Corpus Christi, where they make beautiful flower displays. And don’t miss the Fallas Festival with huge sculptures and fiery shows.

Valencia is all about interesting culture and friendly people. Valencia is a great choice if you want to retire in a place with a calm, beachy feel that’s not too expensive, has good hospitals, and a laid-back vibe.

If a couple wants to retire in Valencia, they might spend around $2,220 each month, including rent.

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