Hidden Shores: 10 Secret Beaches Around the World

Have you ever wanted to escape the crowds and tourists flooding all the best beaches, making it impossible to relax and take in the view? If the answer is yes, you couldn’t have picked a better place, as we will be talking about the most secret, hidden beaches that allow you to experience true relaxation.

We’ll cover the most underrated beaches that are not getting much attention on the internet. Thanks to the study conducted by Passport Photo Online, we’ll give you a rundown of lovely beaches with a small monthly search volume on the internet. You can be confident that you will find some peace and quiet once you go to these places.

Kauapea Beach: A Secluded Beach Hidden on Kauai Island

Kauapea (Secret) Beach, Kauai
Photo Credit: [@NicholasSteven/DepositPhotos]

When you think of “beach,” your mind probably immediately goes on an exotic trip to Hawaii. The sun kissing your face, green trees leaning over pristine waters, and in the background, a rocky landscape you previously only saw on postcards – Kauapea has got it all.

You’d think that a beach like this would attract plenty of attention and be under the constant occupation of loud tourists, but it’s nothing like it. After a short hike through the jungle, you will come across a fantastic beach on the island’s north shore.

Not only will you find a perfect place to unwind and take in the view, but if you’re bringing children, they’ll have the time of their life. Even though you won’t see lifeguards here, they’ll be safe as the water currents aren’t strong around these parts, and the rocky surrounding makes it virtually impossible to be swept out into the open sea.

It all sounds fantastic, right? You will indeed be surprised to hear that the monthly search volume of Kauapea Beach is just 1,900.

Long Bay Beach: The Jewel of Turks and Caicos Islands

Long Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos
Photo Credit: [@Jimette/Shutterstock]

As we continue with the list of the hidden gems among beaches, we now move to the east, to the calm, turquoise waters just north of the Caribbean. The surrounding islands are popular spots for tourists from around the world seeking even a few days in this summer paradise, but you won’t have to worry about crowds here.

Long Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands isn’t a destination that sees an incredible number of tourists passing through. According to the study, search engines see barely 1,200 searches per month for this particular beach. That makes it a perfect secluded spot where you can lay on the warm sands without being bothered by crowds of tourists ruining your day.

Looking around, you will see beautiful scenery combining lush green forests, lovely white sand, and a genuinely turquoise Atlantic water that completes this eye-pleasing dance of colors.

Shelter Cove Beach: An American Place of Tranquility

Shelter Cove in California
Photo Credit: [@4kclips/DepositPhotos]

Some fantastic destinations are hidden in plain sight, and Shelter Cove Beach in California is a perfect example of a genuinely secret beach. The residential resort of Shelter Cove rests on the shore not far from San Francisco and is home to one of the most unusual beaches you’ve ever seen.

With a monthly search volume of only 800, Shelter Cove Beach is undoubtedly where you can escape when on holiday. Before you reach the black sands of the local beach, you will have to either work your way up a windy road or take a boat, but the effort it will take to get there will be worth it, I promise.

Seeing this rocky, black coast and the neverending waves crashing against it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of observing wildlife, you might even see the rare sight of migrating whales or sea lions emerging above the water.

Puerto Morelos Beach: A Hidden Mexican Paradise

Puerto Morelos Beach
Photo Credit: [@lunamarina/DepositPhotos]

We’ve got some good news if you are always eager to visit Mexico and its pristine beaches but want to avoid dealing with crowds during your summer trips. Puerto Morelos Beach is one of those places in Mexico where you can have the time of your life and leave the commotion and chaos of the big city behind.

Only 700 people per month search for this beach on the internet, which means there’s a good chance there will be few other tourists around, even though Cancun is only a short drive away. It is quite an extraordinary place.

Moreover, the Mesoamerican Reef just offshore is truly a sight to behold and makes it one of the best places to go swimming and snorkeling.

Hyams Beach: A Perfect Australian Getaway Spot

Hyams Beach Australia
Photo Credit: [@bennymarty/DepositPhotos]

Most famous for its white sands that are second to none, Hyams Beach is a popular spot that still doesn’t get much recognition on the internet. With barely 600 searches per month, it remains one of the best places in Australia to enjoy the ocean air and admire nature without the need to share the beach with massive crowds of tourists.

It’s a beautiful place with an incredible, inviting aura that almost challenges you to get in the water.

If you’re looking for even more attractions while still enjoying a calm summer trip, go for a walk along the Hyams beach trail, also known as the Bird Spotter’s Walk. It lives up to its name.

Kepuhi Beach: Yet Another Hawaiian Hidden Beach

Kepuhi Beach Molokai Hawaii
Photo Credit: [@digital94086/DepositPhotos]

As if Hawaiian beaches weren’t attractive tourist destinations already, here comes Kepuhi Beach – another place on our list that lets you get some quiet time while still admiring beautiful views and living out your holiday fantasies.

A monthly search volume of just 400 is a testament to how much of a hidden gem this beach is. There’s no need to worry about other tourists, as you will likely be one of the few that seem to be aware of how much fun you can have here.

You can watch surfers riding the waves and, if lucky, spot a whale or two emerging from the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is also a perfect place to take your loved ones for a romantic walk and observe the sunset.

Fornillo Beach: A Lovely Secluded Beach in Italy

Fornillo Beach, Positano Italy
Photo Credit: [@VOLOLIBERO/DepositPhotos]

Of all the beaches we’ve listed, Fornillo Beach in Positano, Southern Italy, looks like something you’d more likely see in a Holywood movie scene. Sheltered from the howling wind, the cove on the Amalfi Coast will fill you with a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. It is another very romantic place; it will never surprise you with violent waves or crowds of tourists.

This peaceful beach sees only 300 internet searches per month, making you think you’re visiting a secret place that most people wouldn’t even believe exists.

Sandbanks Beach: UK’s Beachgoer’s Haven

Sandbanks Beach in the UK
Photo Credit: [@aheiay/DepositPhotos]

Located in the southern part of England, Sandbanks Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the UK. Despite plentiful festivals and events organized in the area, the beach flies under the radar considering just 250 monthly search volume.

You will undoubtedly have a great time going for a stroll among these golden sands and gentle waves of the La Manche canal. It is one of the most enchanting beaches not only in the UK but also in Europe, and as opposed to some of the more exotic places we’ve covered on this list, it’s close to Bournemouth. Getting there couldn’t be simpler.

Muriwai Beach: New Zealand’s Quiet Spot

Muriwai Beach in New Zealand
Photo Credit: [@aheiay/DepositPhotos]

This secluded beach near Auckland is another fantastic place for someone looking for a quiet spot and eager to rest on a sandy beach overlooking the Tasman Sea.

Muriwai’s dark sands don’t entertain many tourists even though this area is popular among the local surfers, so you can be confident you’ll get some peace and quiet, with only the crashing of waves breaking the silence.

That’s what you get when you visit a place with only 150 searches per month. You’d think the internet doesn’t know this place even exists. It truly is a secret beach.

Klamath Beach: The Undisputed Champion Among Quiet Beaches

Klamath Beach in California
Photo Credit: [@kojoty/DepositPhotos]

Last but not least, we present a place that, by the internet’s standards, truly lives up to the name of a hidden beach.

What makes Klamath Beach in California so unique is its location. Surrounded by tall cliffs and dense forests, arriving there requires considerable effort that even the most experienced hikers would not underestimate.

If you decide to take up the challenge and find your way to the beach, you can be sure you’ll be the only one there. With only a 100 monthly search volume, you’d need help finding a calmer and secluded beach. Once you arrive, you will witness one of the most beautiful places in Califonia and a perfect spot for camping.

Secret Beaches For A True Escape

Beach in Maui Hawaii
Photo Credit: [@PierreLeclerc/DepositPhotos]

If you’re looking for quiet, private beaches where you won’t be bothered by crowds of tourists, the good news is that there are a number of those all around the world ready to give you a moment of peace while on vacation. From romantic, picturesque beaches in Italy to absolutely stunning places with black sand and breathtaking views in the US, you have plenty of options to consider.


Hidden Shores: 10 Secret Beaches Around the World
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