Culinary Tourism

A Vital Part Of Your Travel Experience

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Whether you plan to travel solely for delicious eats or just hope to pepper some delectable restaurants into your itinerary, culinary tourism is essential to modern travel.

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Culinary Tourism Is A Vital Part Of Your Travel Experience

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What Is Culinary Tourism?

Simply put, culinary tourism is traveling to find great food. It can include any experience you learn about, appreciate, consume, or indulge in food or drinks that reflect the local culture.

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Why It Matters

Culinary tourism is a cornerstone of the modern travel industry. It directly contributes to both the hospitality industry and the overall economy.

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Culinary Tourism Trends

A recent report from World Food Travel found that 81 percent of surveyed tourists believe that local food helps them understand the culture of their travel destination.

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Embrace It

If you’re hoping to engage with a new culture authentically, there’s no better option than dining. As you plan your itinerary, consider the foods your destination is most famous for.

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