Luxury travel is a unique form of travel that focuses on personalized services, curated experiences, and unforgettable memories. It’s something you should try at least once in your lifetime.

Maya Luxe

Vacationing in a Luxury Villa in Cancun, Mexico

Maya Luxe

We experienced what it’s like to vacation in pure luxury after an invitation from Maya Luxe, the top luxury villa brand in Riviera Maya, which is now expanding into Cancun.  CasaZul is a beach property and is fully staffed including housekeepers, chefs, and a butler. 

Spacious Properties

The property is hands down gorgeous. At CasaZul, every bedroom feels like the master. With seven bedrooms in the main house and a garden-view bungalow, this spacious villa accommodates up to 30 people.

Maya Luxe

Everything You Need

With its grand ceilings, large gathering areas, paddleball court, covered outdoor patio, pool house, hot tub, infinity pool, and private beach with kayaks, you’ll immediately feel like you’re in paradise– which you are! 

On-Site Chefs

Since our trip, we have joked that our pallets will forever be spoiled regarding Mexican cuisine. Maya Luxe brought in not one but two local, professional chefs who stayed on site from early morning to about 9 PM every day.

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