High Times Abroad: Top Cannabis-Friendly Vacation Destinations

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As recreational cannabis gains legal status in more US states, it has become an integral part of the daily lives of Americans. Unsurprisingly, many are eager to enjoy cannabis while on vacation. 

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While there are plenty of cannabis-happy destinations to be found stateside, the question becomes a bit trickier outside of the United States. 

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 WEEDAR recently released its list of the top weed-friendly travel destinations to help you plan the perfect vacation.

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Canada has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of cannabis, boasting full legalization for the cultivation, possession, acquisition, and consumption of the plant. Priced at an average of $6.9 per gram, cannabis has become a legal and accessible option for Canadians



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For cannabis enthusiasts seeking a safe haven, Mexico is an excellent option. With a plethora of picturesque beaches, captivating jungles, and awe-inspiring ancient ruins to explore, the adventures are never-ending.



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Australia is a one-of-a-kind destination, mate! It’s got some epic wildlife, mind-blowing landscapes, and chill cannabis policies that make it stand out. With about 11.6% of Aussies enjoying a smoke, you won’t have trouble finding some dank bud Down Under.



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According to WEEDAR, “Possession of small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized and, at most, you will receive a warning and a formal request to stop using cannabis rather than facing any significant penalties.”



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