Retire in Spain: Best Cities + How Much it Will Cost You

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With its blend of beaches, mountains, vibrant cities, lively festivals, and a generous dose of sunshine almost everywhere you go, it’s no wonder that Spain stands out as a highly sought-after European destination for those seeking retirement abroad. 

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The undeniable value for your money adds to Spain’s appeal. Retirees can comfortably settle in exciting cities like Barcelona for around $2500 a month. If that sounds appealing, peruse this list of seven Spanish cities that emerge as exceptional retirement destinations. 

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Malaga is a lively city by the coast that’s great for retirees. It has a cool culture, amazing buildings, and friendly people. One of the best things is the weather – the sun shines over 300 days a year!  People who moved here from other countries say they can live well in Malaga for around $2,300 monthly.

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In Andalusia, Seville has become a huge draw for retirees. The weather is nice, the locals are friendly, the food is delicious, and there’s lots to do and see.  If a couple wants to live in Seville, they can have a good life with around $2,300 each month, depending on how they spend their money.


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When you’re talking about the best cities in Spain, you can’t forget to mention the busy capital, Madrid! This city is full of life and excitement. For retired folks, Madrid is a special place with many great things to offer.  Retire comfortably in Madrid, including paying rent, with less than $1,900 monthly.


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Barcelona is an awesome place for retirement because it has lots of good things together: cool culture, really good hospitals, and amazing weather. If a couple wants to live well in Barcelona, they can do it for around $2,500 monthly.


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Granada is a beautiful city in the south of Spain that retirees might love. It’s got a mix of old stuff, like history, cool buildings, and pretty nature. A couple can live comfortably in Granada for around $2,400 monthly, including rent.


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