eviivo Launches Cutting-Edge AI-Driven Messaging Solution for Short-Term Rentals and Accommodations

eviivo, an award-winning travel tech company known for its role in assisting individuals in managing vacation rentals and small hotels, announced its newest tool for travelers: eviivo Concierge. The highly advanced computer program is designed to engage in conversations with guests and make the communication process much simpler. 

“eviivo Concierge not only revolutionizes guest communication and messaging, it will unarguably be a welcomed standard for property owners,” says Steve Kerridge, eviivo Head of Product and Design. “As the first global property management platform in our industry to introduce front-end Generative AI technology, we’re thrilled to continue being pioneers our customers can rely on.” 

What is eviivo Concierge?

eviivo Concierge functions as a friendly and smart assistant residing on your website. It has the capability to respond to guests’ queries, provide useful information, and even use humor when appropriate. Think of it as having a tireless helper available around the clock. With this technology in place, property owners can shift their focus towards other crucial tasks as the chatbot helps with questions from guests.

“Generative AI has been in high demand in the short-term rental industry, and with our release of eviivo Concierge, eviivo customers have been truly excited, especially since we’re meeting expectations for what we deliver best: giving back their time,” says Usama Ahmed, eviivo Product Director. “Our award-winning mobile app allows hosts to run their business anywhere, anytime, right in the palm of their hand — and now with eviivo’s 24/7 digital Concierge, property owners can have dozens of guest questions answered while they tend to their garden, vacation with family or even while they sleep.” 

How Does It Work?

eviivo Concierge employs an advanced technology known as Generative AI. This technology enables the chatbot to comprehend guest inquiries effectively and generate intelligent responses. Over time, it learns and becomes better at responding, making each conversation smoother and more personalized. This means the entire experience is going to be easier and more efficient for guests and property owners alike. 

When a guest poses a question, eviivo Concierge can deliver a friendly and customized reply. For instance, if a guest asks, “How many rooms are available?” the chatbot might respond with, “We have 5 cozy rooms for you to choose from!” It’s similar to having a friendly receptionist who never takes a break.

Why is eviivo Concierge So Significant?

Imagine you own a small hotel with ten rooms, and you receive a barrage of emails daily, each containing guest inquiries. Hours are spent crafting responses to these emails, diverting your attention from other essential tasks. With eviivo Concierge, it’s as if you have a magical assistant capable of instantly addressing all these questions. This new efficiency not only frees up time but also enhances the overall guest experience, potentially leading to more bookings. Guests will no longer have to wait for replies, won’t have an issue if they have trouble at odd hours, and will be met with a friendly, helpful voice that is programmed for expert support and relations.

What Can eviivo Concierge Do?

eviivo Concierge boasts an impressive array of features:

  • Promptly respond to guest inquiries on your website, creating a welcoming environment.
  • Cultivate strong guest relationships through friendly and helpful interactions.
  • Add a touch of fun to guest exchanges by sharing humor or providing property images.
  • Engage with guests on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, streamlining your communications.
  • Maintain a record of all interactions to refine its responses and improve its performance.
  • Assist in crafting appealing email templates for guests and send reminders for payments or check-in details.
  • Encourage guests to leave reviews, potentially boosting your property’s bookings.

The Future of Guest Communication

eviivo Concierge is indicative of a broader trend in the hospitality industry. Many experts predict that over the next ten years, artificial intelligence will play a significant role in guest interactions. AI will personalize recommendations, automate mundane tasks, and introduce virtual assistants like eviivo Concierge.

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eviivo Launches Cutting-Edge AI-Driven Messaging Solution for Short-Term Rentals and Accommodations
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