Travel Jobs: Satisfy Your Wanderlust and Your Wallet

Travel jobs offer an incredible opportunity to combine work and wanderlust, allowing individuals to explore the world while earning a living. From becoming a flight attendant and jetting off to new destinations to working as a travel blogger/vlogger and documenting your adventures, numerous roles let you earn money while traveling.

Travel jobs provide a unique blend of adventure, culture, and personal growth, making travel jobs an enticing choice for those seeking to expand their horizons and embrace the world.

Flight Attendant

flight attendant
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Flight attendants travel extensively as part of their job, visiting various destinations around the world. Becoming a flight attendant requires a unique set of skills, qualities, and dedication.

Apart from meeting the basic requirements such as age, education, and language proficiency, aspiring flight attendants must possess exceptional customer service skills and a genuine passion for helping others.

Salary estimates for flight attendants range from $37,690 to $97,170.

Travel Bloggers/Vloggers

travel vlogger
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Travel bloggers and vloggers are content creators who document their travel experiences and share them with their audience through various online platforms such as blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and social media.

Income is highly variable, typically generated through sponsorships, advertising, and collaborations. Income can range from part-time income to six figures or more.

Cruise Ship Staff

cruise ship staff
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Cruise ship workers typically live and work onboard the ship for extended periods, often in shared accommodations. One of the major perks of working on a cruise ship is the opportunity to travel to various destinations around the world.

Crew members can explore different ports of call during their time off and experience diverse cultures and sights. Salaries can vary greatly depending on the position, cruise line, and tips.

Teach English Abroad

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Teaching English as a foreign language in different countries allows you to immerse yourself in new cultures while earning a living.

One popular program is the Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification, which equips individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications to teach English in various countries.

You can earn $2,000 to $5,000 per month in top-paying countries. 

Travel Nurse

travel nurse
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Travel nurses have the opportunity to work in different healthcare facilities around the world, providing temporary nursing support.

Salary varies based on location, experience, and demand. Travel nurses often receive higher pay rates due to their temporary assignments.

According to ZipRecruiter, the current average salary of a travel nurse is $105,021 or $50/hour. 

Interpreter or Translator

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From attending international conferences to working on exciting projects abroad, the experience of traveling as a translator allows you to explore new places, connect with people from various backgrounds, and contribute to global communication and understanding.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), interpreters and translators make an average salary of $49,110. 


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Traveling as a volunteer provides an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact while exploring new destinations. Whether participating in community development projects, conservation efforts, or humanitarian work, volunteers engage directly with local communities, gaining a deeper understanding of their cultures and challenges.

Paid volunteer salaries vary depending on the position, experience, and destination. Websites like can help you find opportunities that fit your skill set. 

Travel Agent

travel agent
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As a travel agent, you can visit destinations firsthand, gaining valuable insights to better assist your clients in planning their trips.

From scouting out hidden gems to experiencing different travel options, traveling as a travel agent allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and offerings in the industry, ensuring you can provide exceptional service and tailored recommendations to your clients.

According to the BLS, the average salary of a travel agent is $43,810.

Travel Photographer

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From scouting locations and understanding lighting techniques to mastering composition and post-processing, travel photographers must possess technical skills and a keen eye for storytelling.

Additionally, building a strong online presence, marketing their work, and maintaining a professional network are essential aspects of establishing a successful career in travel photography.

The average salary for a photographer, according to BLS, is $38,950. 

Web or Graphic Designer

digital nomad
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Being a web or graphic designer offers the flexibility to work remotely, enabling you to travel while pursuing your career.

With a laptop and an internet connection, you can create and manage websites from anywhere in the world, whether in a bustling city or a serene beach. This freedom allows you to explore new destinations, experience different cultures, and find inspiration to enhance your design skills and perspectives.

According to the BLS, the average web designer’s salary is 79,890, while graphic designers make a median income of $50,710 a year. 

Virtual Assistant

digital nomad
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A virtual assistant job provides the unique advantage of location independence, allowing you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility enables you to travel and explore new destinations while still fulfilling your professional responsibilities.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a freelance virtual assistant is $51,531.

Destination Wedding Planner

destination wedding
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Being a destination wedding planner allows you to combine your passion for weddings with the thrill of travel. As you assist couples in creating their dream wedding in picturesque locations around the world, you have the opportunity to experience breathtaking destinations firsthand.

From scouting enchanting venues to coordinating logistics in exotic locations, being a destination wedding planner offers a fulfilling and exciting career that lets you explore the world while celebrating love.

According to BLS, the average salary for an event planner is $49,470.

Travel Jobs to Fuel Your Wanderlust

digital nomad
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Travel jobs offer a unique and exciting avenue for individuals to combine their passion for exploration with their professional pursuits. Whether working in the tourism industry, becoming a digital nomad, or embracing remote work opportunities, travel jobs provide the freedom to experience new cultures, broaden horizons, and create unforgettable memories.

These careers enable individuals to break away from the conventional nine-to-five routine and embrace a lifestyle that fosters personal growth, cultural understanding, and a deep appreciation for our world’s wonders.


Alexandrea Sumuel Groves is a nationally syndicated travel writer and founder of the Wander With Alex travel blog. Her work has appeared on MSN, YAHOO!, Euronews, and FOX, ABC, and NBC affiliates across the United States. 

Alex travels to experience, eat, explore, and occasionally escape! She collaborates with destinations, vacation property management companies, and hospitality technology firms to provide her readers with exclusive insights and information.